ROGZ YOTZ Tumbler – Treat Dispenser


  • This ROGZ treat dispenser puzzle to help stimulate both body and mind all while filling their tummy.
    There are 3 adjustable release rates for different levels of learning and feeding. Made from food grade, high resistant ABS, this treat puzzle-toy is highly durable and is a great addition to any meal time.
    Volume 650ml 
    • Treat
    • Slow Feed
    • Wiggle
    • Dishwashwer Safe

    Understanding the benefits of a slow feeder.

    Many dogs have a tendency to devour their food when rpesented with their meal. Like many humans, pet who gulp their food are more likely to feel unsatisfied even though they have consumed the right amount of food for their size and weight. There are many ailments related to the speed in which your dog eats, including:
    Gastrointentistinal discomfort
    Food bloat
    Rogz Slow feeder (tumbler) is designed to prevent gulping. With a large treat cavity. Tumblers are easily filled with various types of treats and dry pellets for your dog to enjoy. The unique inner ring counterweight allows you to adjust the rate at which treats are released according to your dog’s learning level. This serves as a slow feeder for dogs who guzzle their food. It can help reduce the likelihoodthat your pet will gulp down their meals and is therefore meant to alleviate issues associated with fast eating.

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ROGZ YOTZ Tumbler – Treat Dispenser
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