NutriFlex DigestiMax Probiotic For Dogs and Cats

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DigestiMax Extra-Strength Probiotics For Dogs And Cats

Essential digestive enzymes and probiotics for dogs and cats designed to complement the nutritional profile of processed pet foods

Kibble may be convenient and inexpensive, but it’s missing critical nutrients that dogs and cats need.

More importantly, cooked or processed foods frequently lack essential nutrients, particularly enzymes, crucial for optimal digestion and nutrient absorption. This deficiency can place unnecessary strain on your pet’s pancreas and digestive system as it works overtime to break down food into a more digestible form.

At first, pets start absorbing fewer nutrients from their food, which, if not addressed, can progressively worsen over time, potentially leading to diminished health and vitality.

DigestiMax, an extra-strength probiotic expertly formulated to bring “life” back into processed foods, nourishes your pet with a daily supply of probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, and other nutrients often lacking in commercial pet foods.

A well-functioning digestive system digestive system is critical to efficient nutrient absorption, which translates to a more vibrant, energetic lifestyle for your pet.

Conversely, a neglected digestive system can lead to uncomfortable symptoms like gas, bloating, and even diarrhoea – distressing for both you and your beloved companion.

Fortunately, DigestiMax digestive enzymes help to break down food into a more digestible form for better nutrient absorption. By improving nutrient absorption, DigestiMax ensures your pet derives the full nutritional value from their meals, especially from heat-processed foods such as kibble that usually lack enzymes lost in manufacturing.

DigestiMax’s unique blend of five digestive enzymes is formulated to support normal pancreas and organ function, making it an invaluable supplement for pets prone to frequent gastric upsets and older pets whose digestive systems have slowed down.


NutriFlex DigestiMax Probiotic For Dogs and Cats
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